Shift Happens!August 13, 2015

I have a friend, we’ll call her Kerry. Kerry had been working in a steady job for the past several years. Then the leadership of the office changed and as a result, Kerry was let go.

At first, Kerry was devastated, how would she find a new job in a tight economy? She had never been laid off before! She had children to support and had just purchased her first home the year before! Egads…sheesh!…yelp!! and then…..calm….Not the calm before the storm kind of calm but the calm which comes from the realization that this episode, this issue, this challenge, this valley did not happen TO her…rather, it had happened FOR her. Kerry quickly realized that the universal good for which she had been working to position herself was indeed unveiling itself before her. It dawned on her that she had no longer felt happy and fulfilled at work, that she had been engaging in discussions about looking for a new level, a next step, a new career move…and that this pink slip was really the promotion that she had been seeking. What if we were to look through the viewfinder of life with an understanding that every challenge, obstacle, issue or trouble that unfolds before us is an answer to prayer. It may not always come easily to you at first, but with practice, you can view the uncomfortable circumstance of your current status – single, divorced, unemployed, childless, as an opportunity for good to show up and show out in your life. Dig deeper, dream bolder, reach higher for that which God has for you and I can actually guarantee….you’ll attain it! Come join me on the journey and learn how to make sense out of life when Shift Happens!